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Turn 2 After-School Program

The Turn 2 Foundation and the New York City Parks and Recreation Department formed a partnership in 2000 to administer four free after-school programs that reach approximately 300 children, ages 6-13, throughout New York City from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. Each day students are welcomed with a healthy snack, followed by help with their homework. The Turn 2 New York After-School Programs offer local youth activities in cultural and visual arts, physical fitness, drug and alcohol awareness, environmental issues, computer literacy, academic enrichment, safety and nutrition. These activities strive to carry out the NYC Parks and Recreation Department's mission to enable the children to lead physically active lives through sports, fitness and outdoor adventure, while also fulfilling the Turn 2 Foundation's mission by supplying signature programs with activities that motivate young people to turn away from drugs and alcohol and "Turn 2" healthy lifestyles.

Jackie Robinson Recreation Center
St. John's Recreation Center
St. James Recreation Center
Sorrentino Recreation Center

Jeter Meter
This year marked the fourth year of Turn 2's Jeter Meter program at the after-school sites. This incentive-based program, administered in partnership with New York Road Runners, aims to promote healthy lifestyles and physical fitness through walking or running at least 1-2 miles per week. The participants receive prizes for their efforts and compete between age groups in their site, as well as the other sites. Each youth's goal is to accumulate 26.2 miles per program year, or a marathon. This program year after school participants have accumulated over 8,465 miles.

Jeter's Leaders Mentoring
Members of the New York Jeter's Leaders program visit the youth of each Turn 2 after-school program numerous times throughout the program year to facilitate mentoring activities. Older students are paired with younger students to enhance learning experiences, build lasting relationships and model positive behavior.

Camp Program
Each summer, outstanding students from each site are nominated to attend Turn 2's Camp Program. This year, Turn 2 is looking forward to sending over 20 campers to attend one of two overnight camps for one or three weeks, offering swimming lessons, arts and crafts, athletics, horseback riding, hiking and new friendships.

24 Hour Fitness
The Turn 2 Foundation and 24 Hour Fitness partnered in the fall of 2012 to bring a new initiative to the Turn 2 New York After-School Programs. The organizations worked collaboratively to promote healthy and active lifestyles to the St. James Turn 2 After-School Program in the Bronx and the Jackie Robinson Turn 2 After-School Program in Harlem. The 20-week program started in November and will go through early spring. Children at both sites participated in numerous classes including yoga, cardio conditioning, boot camp, body strength and hip-hop dance classes.

Global Arts to Go
Choosing from a variety of topics in music, dance and arts, the Global Arts to Go program allows the after-school coordinators to build a unique artistic and musical curriculum based on the interest of the students. Programs offered include international dance, hip hop and global dance, among many others. Instructors visit each of the four after-school sites numerous times throughout the year to not only teach the students new artistic dances and skills, but about the heritage of the communities as well.

After-School Showcase
To culminate an exciting year, each site will host an Annual End of the Year After-School Showcase in June. Families and peers are able to see the skills the students developed over the course of the year. The showcases consist of dance, drama and musical performances, in addition to a presentation of the artwork created by the children throughout the year.

Turn 2 After-School 2012-13 Program Year

Harlem - New York, N.Y.

Participants at Jackie Robinson Turn 2 After-School Program have a very busy and active program filled with many different activities focusing on academic enrichment, healthy and active lifestyles, and much more. The students stay active and healthy by participating in the Jeter Meter program and the inaugural year of the partnership between 24 Hour Fitness and Turn 2 Foundation. With these two programs the students get plenty of exercise during their time in after school. In addition to staying active, the students also work on different projects throughout the year. One project is video production through a media class, where children explore different video producing and recording techniques. Other activities include weekly ecology classes where students learn about their environment and drumming classes where they learn about the various drumming techniques and styles from around the world.

Brooklyn, N.Y.

The curriculum at St. John's Turn 2 After-School Program incorporates many different activities and events in order to insure that the students receive a well-balanced program. Students participate in creative arts, dance and drama classes, a culinary expo, dance parade, Fit Fridays, Jeter Meter, Global Arts to Go, urban and environmental education and the Learn to Swim and Learn to Kayak programs. Along with all these activities the students were also introduced to a new theme called Cultural Experience: International Month. Each month the students focus on a different country from around the world and learn about its culture. Children are introduced to each country by participating in activities that teach them different facts about the culture.

Bronx, N.Y.

St. James Turn 2 After-School Program in the Bronx, N.Y., is one of Turn 2's largest after-school programs with 80 children registered. The staff has developed extensive and exciting programming to keep all these young minds engaged and stimulated. One of the more popular weekly activities among the participants is drumming class, a part of the Global Arts to Go program. Students also enjoy film class, where they learn different video production techniques and work on the development of a short film as an end-of-the-year project. Along with these great classes the students stay active throughout the week by participating in the Jeter Meter program and the 24 Hour Fitness program. Students are able to show their friends and families what they work on in after school by having several showcases and performances throughout the year.

Far Rockaway - Queens, N.Y.

The Sorrentino Turn 2 After-School Program participants are always enthusiastic and filled with excitement. Despite the center being closed for a couple of weeks due to power outages caused by Hurricane Sandy this past fall, the students and staff have showed resiliency by coming together during difficult times and creating a great support system for each other. The students participate in several activities promoting healthy and active lifestyles, such as a basketball clinic, participation in the Millennium Tournament, double-dutch, Jeter Meter, boys' street hockey and girls' softball. The participants are also able to go on many field trips throughout the year to explore different locations and sights of New York City, including Madison Square Garden, Central Park and Rockefeller Center.

Turn 2 After-School 2011-12 Program Year
Turn 2 After-School 2010-11 Program Year
Turn 2 After-School 2009-10 Program Year

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