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Proud 2 Be Me

Washington Writers Academy

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Located in Kalamazoo, Mich., Proud 2 Be Me (P2BM) is one of Turn 2's Signature Programs. The goal of P2BM is to provide fourth, fifth and sixth graders with the opportunity to increase their ability to withstand the pressure to use drugs and alcohol. Children participate in enrichment activities, study life lessons and develop leadership skills that help keep them healthy as they grow into young adults. The P2BM program provides opportunities for students to grow academically, remain physically fit, work with other Kalamazoo community organizations and receive mentoring from the Kalamazoo Jeter's Leaders.

2012-13 Program Highlights


February was an exciting month at P2BM - Washington. The students continued to work on their history of Washington Writers' Academy project, and hope to complete it before the end of the school year. The month was also very exciting because the participants took a trip to Roller World! The trip was a reward for the participants in recognition of their accomplishments in the classroom as well as wonderful behavior and awesome work in the program. Everyone had a great time and the trip was a huge success!


Due to inclement weather conditions programming at P2BM was interrupted a few times, but that did not stop the participants from having a very exciting month to kick off the year! The students began a new project in which they researched the history of their building and the surrounding area. The project was thought up by the students because for next academic year they will be leaving their current building for a temporary one while a new school is built. The students plan on learning more about the history of The Washington Writers' Academy and its neighborhood. The month of January was also a special month for many students who were able to earn new belts through their Taekwondo classes.


Giving back was the theme of the month at P2BM. The students completed 22 blankets for a nearby senior citizen nursing home. They also volunteered their services to the staff and teachers at their school. Students took time to clean up classrooms, organize closets, sharpen pencils and assist teachers with any other tasks around the classroom. For their hard work throughout the year the students were rewarded with a special trip. Along with other members of Turn 2's Signature and Support Programs in Kalamazoo, the P2BM members participated in the Turn 2 Holiday Express. This year they traveled to Grand Rapids, Mich., to watch The Nutcracker Ballet put on by the Grand Rapids Ballet. After the performance they were surprised with gift bags by the Kalamazoo Jeter's Leaders. It was a great way to end the year.


November was a busy month for participants at P2BM. They participated in their weekly Taekwondo classes, which they have continued from last year. Taekwondo lessons were so successful last year that many of the children were enthusiastically looking forward to participating again and continuing their progress. During this month the participants also went on a nature hike to encourage healthy lifestyles. One of the many highlights of the month was the start of their community service project for the upcoming holidays. This year the P2BM participants will be making blankets for senior citizens at a nearby nursing home. They are looking forward to completing the blankets and delivering them to the nursing home during the holiday season.


The program year at P2BM once again started with the introduction of new members. This year 12 new members were welcomed to the program. The program hit the ground running with the first of their bi-weekly mentoring sessions with the Kalamazoo Jeter's Leaders. The groups were able to reconnect with friends they had made last year, and also introduced each other to new group members.

They wrapped up the month with a great event. The Jeter's Leaders hosted participants of P2BM and Turn 2's other Signature Program in West Michigan, Extra Innings at Derek's Dugout T.R.A.M. to a Mentoring Kick-Off event at Mayors' River Front Park in Kalamazoo, Mich. The participants of all the programs got to know each other better while participating in fun activities and games like relay races, home run derby, kickball and a soccer game. There was also music playing and a magician. The participants were able to enjoy hot dogs, sliders and chips while continuing to get to know each other.

The beginning of the program year was also a good time to discuss expectations and goals for the upcoming year. Participants at P2BM are looking forward to another great year!

2011-12 Program Highlights
2010-11 Program Highlights
2009-10 Program Highlights
2008-09 Program Highlights

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