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Student Assistance Program
Portage Public Schools

For the past 12 years, the Turn 2 Foundation has supported Student Assistance Programs at Portage Public Schools. The program seeks to decrease the number of substance-abuse cases within the school population, and community at large. Funds are focused on prevention programs and interventions that promote healthy students achieving academically in the school environment and community as well.


Portage Public School's Student Assistance Program (SAP) coordinators work with local high schools, community agencies, parents, and students. The programs, projects, and activities listed below are a part of SAP's continuing effort to enhance a unified base for the school, the home, and the community.

Drug & Violence Prevention Support

Motivational Speakers and Presentations
Classroom teachers invite speakers and arrange for presentations that match curriculum goals of preventing tobacco, alcohol and other substance abuse. Speakers often use personal experiences that provide engaging lessons. Speakers also talk about research statistics regarding student use and injuries caused by illegal or improper drug abuse or violence.

Asset Building Initiative/Focus On Safety Program
High school students act as mentors and role models to elementary aged students by instilling the importance of building healthy relationships to decrease high-risk behaviors. The mentors speak on specific child environments such as the playground and school bus. The program is new to the district and has already helped with the prevention of fights and bullying, inappropriate behaviors, and has benefited students who have felt lonely, scared, or teased.

Red Ribbon Week
Red Ribbon Week is a national drug/alcohol awareness week where students are encouraged to remain drug, alcohol and tobacco free. Signs are posted, information is disseminated, and red ribbons are worn throughout the week.

Needs Assessment
Student and faculty surveys are processed to determine a perceived level of substance abuse issues, violence and other school safety issues. The schools will look to their internal stakeholders to begin the process to make the school a safer environment.

Providing Support to Families

Parent Education
SAP is will continue to reach out to the community to educate parents on the dangers of substance abuse, services for treatment and intervention and problem-solving.

Substance Abuse Assessments
Community agencies provide parents and students with information on tobacco, alcohol, and other drug usage through implementing the Personality Inventory Assessment. The assessment requires a urine sample for testing under an intervention and prevention driven strategy.

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