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Derek Jeter Center at Phoenix House

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At the Derek Jeter Center at Phoenix House in Tampa, Fla., the doors are always open to welcome adolescents as they begin their journey to recovery. The Center provides comprehensive outpatient services for adolescents and helps families deal with adolescent substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues. Teens confront the underlying causes of their substance abuse and regain control of their lives by establishing sobriety and building support networks to help sustain recovery.

"Working with the counselors at Derek Jeter Center, I've been able to change myself in more ways than I thought possible."

The Derek Jeter Center at Phoenix House is a multiservice treatment center serving youth with comprehensive outpatient programs, including treatment and counseling. Since its founding in 2007, treatment capacity has tripled. Today the Center serves more than 1,000 adolescents annually and has helped more than 2,700 boys and girls overcome substance abuse, transform their lives and pursue their dreams and goals personally, academically and professionally.

Outpatient Services: Phoenix House adolescent programs provide treatment in a safe, supportive environment that gives youth and their families a chance to break free from substance abuse. Teaching adolescents how to regain control of their lives is the essence of Phoenix House's adolescent treatment programs.

Our outpatient services for teens include both intensive (nine-plus hours a week) and traditional (fewer than nine hours a week) options. Both provide individually tailored treatment plans that emphasize family education and encourage the development of community supports for continued success after discharge. The Derek Jeter Center provides a range of services: comprehensive assessment; individual, group and family counseling; psycho-educational therapy groups; case management; life-skills education; drug testing; and recreational activities that teach young people ways to have fun while sober. Clients take part in after-school sessions from one day to five days a week, enjoying ongoing engagement and positive activities with an appropriate support group.

Phoenix House substance abuse education and prevention programs bring research-based curricula into schools and other community sites to highlight the dangers of drug use, reinforce positive self-esteem and empower youth to make positive choices. Drug and alcohol problems affect entire families, and recovery is a family process. At Phoenix House, family members are involved in all phases of the continuum of care, including counseling and therapy, parent/family education seminars and educational workshops.

"Going to the Derek Jeter Center helped me get my mother's trust back."

Succes Stories

Meet Rebecca: Treatment works! Rebecca is a wonderful young girl who turned her life around at Phoenix Houses of Florida's Derek Jeter Center.

Rebecca comes from a great family. Her parents are loving and supportive, and she has a good relationship with her older sister. Although Rebecca has needed daily insulin since she was five years old to treat her diabetes, she managed to live a normal, active life -- until she started smoking marijuana in her early teens. Marijuana soon led to opiate abuse, an epidemic problem in Florida, and her drug abuse became a source of serious family conflict.

When she was 14 years old, Rebecca's addiction landed her in Juvenile Court. But that proved to be a blessing in disguise, as the court referred her to Phoenix House. While receiving outpatient treatment at the Derek Jeter Center, Rebecca was able to confront the reasons for her substance abuse and become -- and remain -- drug-free. She and her mother attended family counseling sessions together to work on better family communication. This helped Rebecca overcome the anger issues that her new sobriety had alleviated already.

Today Rebecca has a whole new lease on life: she's clean and sober, earning excellent grades in high school and enjoying a much happier relationship with her family. She and her mother have a great time taking yoga classes together, which gives them a wonderful relaxing and bonding experience.

It's a Family Affair: Sometimes an entire family can find a new life at Phoenix House!

Javon was a 16-year-old outpatient client at the Derek Jeter Center at Phoenix House -- a young man whose substance abuse was complicated by problems at school and a family history of addiction. But with the help of Phoenix House's skilled and compassionate counselors, he overcame his substance abuse and went on to graduate from high school, enroll in technical college and learn a skilled trade.

Not too long ago, Javon contacted the Derek Jeter Center again because he was worried about his little sister, Carla. Carla, 15, was showing some of the same behaviors and symptoms of substance abuse that Javon himself used to exhibit. To complicate matters, their mother's drug problem had grown worse and she wasn't exercising any parental control over Carla. But because of Javon's positive experience at the Derek Jeter Center, he was able to convince Carla to at least come in and talk to a counselor. That conversation led to an assessment and, with Javon's support, she entered the program.

Carla's time at Phoenix House included not just treatment but also recovery coaching, which helped her stay strong and committed to sobriety once her treatment was completed. With the help of her big brother and the Derek Jeter Center team, Carla is staying clean and sober and is back on track in school. And the story doesn't end there: after seeing her kids turn their lives around so successfully, Javon and Carla's mother decided to seek treatment for her own drug problems and entered Phoenix House's Adult Outpatient facility in Tampa. While her recovery is still in the early stages, the sensitive and caring treatment she has received -- coupled with the love and support of her kids -- shows every promise of guiding her and her entire family to a healthy, happy future together.

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At Phoenix House, each individual is guaranteed the highest quality of care, delivered with professionalism and respect. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding and accessible substance abuse treatment and support services. Phoenix House's programs in Tampa are accredited by CARF, a nationally recognized standard of excellence.

The Turn 2 Foundation is proud to partner with Phoenix House through the Derek Jeter Center to accomplish our shared goal of providing healthier, happier lives for the young people of Greater Tampa!

Derek Jeter Center at Phoenix House
5501 West Waters Avenue, Suite 404
Tampa, FL 33634
(813) 881-1000

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