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Jeter Meter

The Jeter Meter is an incentive-based program designed to promote a healthy lifestyle for children through physical fitness in an after-school program setting. The program is a partnership between the Turn 2 Foundation and the New York Road Runners Foundation. Turn 2's four New York after-school programs -- St. John's Recreation Center in Brooklyn, Sorrentino Recreation Center in Queens, Jackie Robinson Recreation Center in Manhattan and St. James Recreation Center in the Bronx -- take part in the program.

About 300 students from the four after-school sites participated in the program throughout the 2012-13 school year. To get the program started, Jeter Meter kick-off parties were held in October and November. Representatives from the New York Road Runners brought in numerous games and directed the children in fun running activities. The parties gave the Turn 2 children the opportunity to see that walking and running are fun, healthy activities while bonding with each other.

At each event, the children were able to once again meet with their Regional Coordinator from the Road Runners and learn about the new program goals and incentives for 2012-13. The participants were able to build off important stretching techniques they had learned the previous year and completed a few laps to get things started. Afterwards they were able to play fun games based around physical activities and nutrition. The games gave the participants the chance to discuss ways to live a healthier lifestyle and techniques to incorporate what they had learned in might milers into their ever day lives. Lastly, they learned that their goal for the year would be to run or walk 26.2 miles, or the equivalent of a marathon, throughout the entire year.

Throughout the program year, students use Jeter Meter cards to keep track of their mileage goals. As they reached their goals, the students received incentive prizes including T-shirts, water bottles and medals. For the 2012-13 program year participants have combined to run more than 8,465 miles and will once again exceed their goals set at the beginning of the program year.

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