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Especially for Kids

Lots of kids ask me how they can become professional ballplayers. How can they do what I've done? What does it take to be a "star", an "All-Star"? I tell them, "Everyone has the potential to be an All-Star!" Being a star isn't just about hitting home runs or catching line drives. It's about making the right choices. Throughout this Web site, I am going to show you how to find the star that's already inside of you, just waiting to shine. So let's get started with my 10 Life Lessons based on the book, The Life You Imagine, written by me -- Derek Jeter -- and Jack Curry. Jeter with Leaders

1. Set Your Goals High
2. Dealing with Growing Pains
3. Finding Role Models
4. The World Is Not Always Fair
5. Don't Be Afraid To Fail
6. Have a Strong Supporting Cast
7. Be Serious But Have Fun
8. Think Before You Act
9. Be a Leader, Follow the Leader
10. Life Is a Daily Challenge

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