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Frequently Asked Questions

How many students are accepted each year?

Eight to 10 new students are accepted into the program each year in both Kalamazoo and New York City.

Is there a fee to participate in the program?

No, all program initiatives are sponsored by the Turn 2 Foundation. While program participants are not required to pay a monetary fee, their attendance and participation is expected.

What kind of commitment must students make in order to participate in the program?

Leaders are required to commit at least four years to the program. Students are also required to sign a contract stating that they will remain drug and alcohol free, maintain at least a "B" average and actively participate in all program activities and events.

Does the program provide transportation?

Yes, transportation is provided depending on the activity or event. To supplement for the cost of public transportation, the leaders in New York receive transit cards to ensure that they are able to get to all program events and activities. Transportation is also provided at no cost to the program participants for those activities and events hosted by the program, held outside of the state.

Does the program offer any sporting activities?

No, the program was designed to recognize students for their leadership ability and academic performance. While students may be recognized for their athletic talents, sporting activities do not play a role in the program.

Can you apply to the program if you live outside of the five boroughs or the West Michigan area?

Students who live outside of these areas are welcome to apply for membership as long as they (or their families) can provide transportation to all program activities and events.

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